Weight Training Starting Point

Basic Program to be used as an Introduction to weights

Starting Point is to Test the following exercises/Lifts

Maximum Lifts For those over 18

Maximum Lift is a One repetition of each exercise after warm up – the aim is to Check How much weight you can Lift – Push or Pull for one repetition

Write it down and that becomes your One Rep Maximum –

For Those Under 18

Or just starting a weight program for the first time ever.  Check How much weight you can lift 3 times (called repetitions) again in the Push, Pull or Lift exercises – This becomes your 3 rep maximum


Number of times you complete each exercise or Lift

What is the % Max

This is a given percentage of your 1 Rep Max or 3 rep Max and is used throughout the programs to give you a guideline as to what weight to use when completing your exercises and sets


We all want to be Buff and Big – we do not want to be crippled – or have torn muscles, tendons , ligaments etc.

Follow the guidelines – if they are to light for you – follow them for the week that you are in and in the next week increase each set of lifts by 10% of your Maximum keeping the same number of repetitions

Keep Records

There are many reasons to keep records – other than being able to brag about how much weight you can push-lift-pull It is more to be able to change the program up and to be able to remember where you are at each month

Before You Ask

There is no bench Press in this program – if you want to get ready for the beach or Instagram then add it – these lifts-Push-Pull exercise are based around Rugby and as yet are not position specific – That will come after December

Note that: You will have to add extra exercises for abdominals and backs at your leisure , We will be adding them after the first 4 weeks

To add them now

Complete – planks for 30 seconds between sets –

Complete – Situps as in Crunches with Knees bent feet off the ground and ankles crossed – right elbow to left knee and left to right knee – Target 50

Complete – Fitness Ball sit ups ( Get a Fittnes ball – put your feet on it and complete the crunches (as above) and target 50

We will add the next stage of training Hypertrophy by the 8th of September – That will run for 6 weeks and then we will change it again

  • Week 1 to 4 – Starting Program
  • Week 5 to 10 – Pure hypertrophy
  • Week 11 to 16 – Pure strength
  • Week 17 to 22 – Strength and Power


weight training for rugby players


basic strength training for rugby players

weight training for rugby players 2



Note: These programs have been derived for a program run by David Pocock in how website – for senior rugby players with experience in the weights training room, you may want to review Pococks program but be prepared to work out 4 days a week or more

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