Use Technology to Enhance Your Fitness Program

Use Technology to Enhance Your Fitness Program

As a millennial, You have been conditioned to look at your phone almost constantly. In some cases you have bought into the fit bit regime of watches or even gone as far as the Apple watches, whether that be for the phone elements or simply for the fitness apps .

In most cases we have downloaded a app on to our phones that provides us with the steps we take, walking , running, climbing stairs, some will do the cycling, or swimming mileage.

You may even have gone as far as tracking your diet or food and nutrition intake, water etc. There are dozens of them and you need to find one that suits you-  In fact you can even load up your strength training program and record how well you did and how you felt after each session.

As stated technology has grown and advanced quickly, but that’s not a bad thing—we should embrace its advantages and use them to our benefit. Here are four more ways technology can improve your fitness:


  1. Listening to your own play list:Many studies show that when listening to a custom play list, people claim to have better workouts. When the right song comes on during a tough workout ,  you can power through the last few sets.

Make your play lists specific—separate for legs, upper body, cardio, interval training, etc. Exercising is tough mentally as well as physically, so give yourself a boost with a groovy play list.

  1. Tracking Heart Rate:This is especially helpful for endurance athletes and weight loss activities. Whether you’re trying to increase your oxygen uptake or stay in your optimal fat burning heart rate zone, using heart rate monitors can help you dial in your workout to the exact temperature you need for your goals.
  2. Tracking Nutrition:Today, everyone is counting calories or macronutrients; with phone and computer apps, it’s easy to keep track of these.

These programs not only help your catalog and diet, but how it fits into the grand scheme of your caloric intake and macronutrient requirements for your desired fitness goals. When working with weight loss clients,

I am adamant about using a nutrition tracking app; it’s easier than a written journal and gives instant feedback. Also, the psychological power of regularly writing down what you eat is not to be underestimated.

  1. Tracking Distance/Steps:10,000 steps a day is becoming the gold standard. Using a smart watch or pedometer is an easy way to increase your daily activity. For students or people with sedentary jobs, taking those extra steps can make a significant difference.

And accomplishing small goals of steps can be pivotal in motivating someone to take their exercise routine to the next level. You have to walk before you can run!

Never underestimate the benefit of knowing exactly where you are at with your program. There are two reasons for this

  1. You may need to decrease the program if you have at the beginning over estimated your ability to complete it. This could be due to injury, work related activities stopping you from training.
  2. Underestimated your rapid growth and the results reflect that allowing you to upgrade the program.

Technology helps us to make the best of our time, especially voice activated programs and apps.

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