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Rugby –  Is there a need for supplements


When training for a highly physical game such as rugby, the normal diet of a player may no suffice to meet the requirement of such a strenuous game.  In different parts of the world, diets are drastically different, thus varying the amounts of nutrients and minerals they provide for the consumer.

Over the years dieticians and manufacturers have overcome these problems by providing  supplements to add to the normal diet  of sports performers. (for those looking at simply adding protein to the diet for muscle and weight gain look at the Protein Shake Options – Here )

Main Body

Why do we need these supplements?

Truth is, these supplements vary in there effectiveness from individuals. to individual, this is due to many factors among which are our genes, exercise  levels, race, age and diet.

The supplements we take enhance the potential for our body growth but do not play the main factor in it.  To be fully effective supplements when taken are only a portion of the formula for growth, they must accompany a decent amount of the right type of exercise   (least three times a week)  of course the type of exercise must suit the intent of the individual, whether they intend to develop bulk only, pure strength, or a combination of  both.  In addition a good set of genes and a healthy diet will help.

Body Shapes

There are three main body shapes that define us, Ectomorph   Mesomorph  and Endomorph.  These three body shapes are just guidelines because many of us fall into the in-between categories of these body shapes. We need  to understand which body shapes we are to be able to decide whether supplements would be useful or not to help us achieve the body that we want.

Ectomorph  – This person is mainly slim and lean.  Muscle mass and body fat percentages are low.  This person also finds it hard to gain weight and put on muscle.  Because of this, the person gets hurt easily.  The best way for this person to exercise is to do natural exercises, such as bodyweight training with push-ups and planks.  Weight training may not be beneficial and may harm the individual.  Diet should include high carbohydrate foods with high protein and fiber to convert to fat or muscle to gain weight and increase muscle mass, use of supplements is recommended.Also looking at higher protein meals with Protein Shakes as a part of that system

Mesomorph  – This person has a broad shoulder, a medium to large frame. Gaining muscle mass is easy and so is losing weight.  Highly strenuous exercises are recommended, i.e. HIIT training and obstacle courses.  Weight training is also recommended to keep the muscle mass up.  Diet should include fair amounts of carbohydrate and fiber along with protein shakes to increase muscle mass.  Use of supplements is recommended but in low amounts.

Endomorph – This person has a pear-shaped body, along with higher than average amount of body fat and muscle mass.  This person finds losing weight harder as compared  to  gaining muscle mass.  Working out in the gym is the best way to gain muscle mass for this person along with short distance running to build of some stamina.  Diet should include high amount of carbohydrate and fiber but a low amount of protein. Occasional use of supplements is recommended.

body shapes for rugby players


Determine the body shape you are and research the various types of  supplement(s) that will get you to your target.

A cautionary step for each athlete is to be aware that some of the supplements have adverse effects on different individuals.  Do not rely too much on supplements to get the body that you want but rather, proper exercise and a good diet produce the best results.

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