Rugby Injuries

What are the common Injuries for Rugby Players

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Listed below are specific injuries that Rugby Players have or will come across over time in the game or in fact in any sport.We have provided government sponsored PDF Files for you t

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AC Joint Injuries

Achilles Tendon

Ankle Injuries

Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Exercise and Bra Support ( not an injury just advice)

Eye Injuries

Gastrocnemius ( Salt strain) Injuries

Hamstring Strain

Meniscus Injury

Plantar Fasciitis Damage

Quadriceps Strain

Shin Splints

General Soft tissue injuries

For D.O.M.S Go to the page here and read the data listed

For RICER – or the Application of ICE Correctly – Go Here 

In the Event of an Injury

Remember when you recognise the injury – Leave the field or training area, inform your coach or manager, get seated and apply ice as per the RICER treatment protocols. Contact a parent or Guardian (dependant on your age) Get the swelling down if its not creating too much pain. Or head for a medical facility to have it assessed if there are none at the ground or training facility. Follow medical advice and seek treatment from a physiotherapist if required and check to see if your club has one.