Developing Your Three Repetition Maximums

Developing Your Three Repetition Maximums

Once again we recommend for rugby players under 18 years of age that you only use the three repetition maximum as your gauge for strength training using free weights – safety and care is your priority

Start by determining your 3 rep max (RM) for each exercise or ¬†muscle group. That’s the maximum amount of weight you can lift for only 3 repetitions (that will be different for each muscle group and will change over time). Use that number to determine progression of weight. Record each lift and record every session you complete – refer to our use of technology article

Note: As strength builds, your 3 RM will change. Adjust weight accordingly throughout each workout. – I repeat – resets your 3 RM every 4 to 6 weeks and re adjust – there are occasions that you will notice a lift our push, pull exercise is becoming too easy – and that you can complete more than the required repetitions for the exercise – in these cases make the adjustments in small increments ( 2.5kg, or 5kg changes)

Sample 12-Week Training Plan For Strength

Try this rep scheme on core moves like bench press, squat, and deadlift during your workouts to build more muscle and strength.

  • Week 1 (Load): 2×10 reps at 60% – 3RM
  • Week 2 (Load): 3×10 reps at 65% – 3RM
  • Week 3 (Unload): 3×10 reps at 60%- 3 RM
  • Week 4 (Load): 3×10 reps at 70% – 3 RM
  • Week 5 (Load): 3×5 reps at 70% – 3 RM
  • Week 6 (Load): 3×5 reps at 75% – 3 RM
  • Week 7 (Unload): 3×5 reps at 70% -3 RM
  • Week 8 (Load): 3×5 reps at 80% -3 RM
  • Week 9 (Load): 3×3 reps at 70% -3 RM
  • Week 10 (Load): 3×3 reps at 75% -3 RM
  • Week 11 (Unload): 3×3 reps at 70% -3 RM
  • Week 12 (Load): 3×3 reps at 80% -3 RM

Explanation: 3×3 reps at 80% of 3RM- Given that you tested your Bench press (example) and you were able to lift 30kg including the 20kg olympic bar for 3 reps but struggled on the 4th – your 3RM at 100% is 30KG – Now lift at 80% or better still at 24kg (nearest weight may well be 25kg) you need to complete 3 repetitions of that weight which is one set and then rest and repeat that a total of 3 times

By week 12, you should be lifting significantly more weight than week 1 due to hypertrophy of the muscles.

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